Modern Food

What I will discuss about modern food are subjects that are popular today. A lot has happened in the food industry during the last 50 years. Consciousness about environment, animal rights and genetic manipulation has created a lot of debate and changes. It seems like we are moving into a new era.

Processed Food
In the modern food industry, various ingenious methods are used to make food keep, look, feel, smell and taste better. The overall goal is to keep the production costs down. There are some debatable issues in relation to this, mainly from a human health perspective. Read more about Processed Food on this page.

Fast Food
Hamburgers, pizza, tacos – fast food has become a way of life. The modern human does not have enough time to cook so he chooses something fast. Big scale marketing has changed our eating habits. The problem with this is that this type of food, with few exceptions, is very unhealthy. Low nutritional value, saturated fats and sugar has resulted in gradually more obese people. Read more about Fast Food by clicking this link.


Recycling is one of the ways we try to diminish our environmental impact. Photo by Beverley Bridge.

Food And Environment
The environmental impact that the modern food industry create has been a huge topic over the last decades. Toxic waste, pollution, trash mountains and energy consumption has been widely discussed. Today we recycle and in many ways try to diminish our negative impact on the environment. Learn more about Food And Environment by clicking here.

GM Food
GM stands for Genetically Modified. Modern food is many times actually a result from our manipulation with genes. This has greatly been debated both from moral and health aspects. The pro side argues that we need GM food to be able to feed our ever growing world population, the other side mean that it is very dangerous. Learn more about Genetically Modified Food.

Organic Food
Almost as a counter reaction to the scientific food industry the interest for organic food has grown. If the food is labeled as such it is supposed to have been produced using natural methods to fertilize and pesticide, in most countries it cannot have been genetically modified. Read more about Organic Food.

The general idea is that the diet should only consist of plants, however there exists a variety of vegetarians and vegans that allow themselves different food combinations. Vegetarianism wasn´t very common in the Western world until the late 20th century. Many choose this way from ideological reasons, the general manner in how animals are treated in the food industry has created strong feelings. Others procure this way out of health reasons arguing that a vegetarian or vegan diet is more healthy, however that may be discussed. Vegetarianism is discussed in greater detail on this page.

Food Distribution
A relatively small part of the human population live in abundance. We have so much food that we actually throw it away! This at the same time as people are starving to death. Discussions about how food is distributed are constantly going on. Read more about Food Distribution on this page.

Modern Food Marketing
This area has developed immensely over the last 100 years. Today, commercial messages are surrounding us, incentivizing us to buy a certain soft drink or to eat at a fast food franchise. The moral in all this has been discussed since health problems are created by making people eat too much chocolate or drink large quantities of soft drinks. Labeling of unhealthy food has been discussed. Read more about Modern Food Marketing by clicking here.

The Future Of Food
It is quite obvious that we are at a breaking point. We have to decide which is our way forward. There have been many ideas presented with solutions to some of the ideas mentioned above. How can we save the environment? How do get rid of starvation? It is actually in our hands, we are their clients, we have the power to change the future if we want to. Read some of my ideas for the Future of Food.



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