Historic Food Recipes

I have titled this page “Historic Food Recipes”, it´s by no means an attempt to create anything of historical value. I have just collected, and sometimes re-imagined, recipes from some different cultures and time periods. The aim is just to give my visitors a possibility to cook like the Mayans or the ancient Chinese. If you want to read what I have written about food history just click this link. There are some other great sites out there I have tried to link to when applicable you always have the almighty Wikipedia.

Ancient Egyptian Food Recipes Pita bread, falafel and tiger nut sweets. All are dishes common still today in Egypt and the Middle East. However there were slightly different since other ingredients were available and some cultures had not yet had their influence. If you want to learn more about Ancient Egyptian Food Recipes go here

Biblical Food Recipes
In the actual Bible there are no proper recipes. Food is mentioned but preparation is never in detail. Several attempts have been made to re-imagine recipes from this time. Go to Biblical Recipes to see some examples. Honey roasted lamb, date and walnut bread are some of the dishes you will find.

Ancient Greek Recipes
Ancient Greece was a trading nation and they were important for spreading ingredients and culture around the Mediterranean. If you want to cook like them just go to Ancient Greek Food Recipes and you will learn how to cook tuna, grill mullet and make fruit salad in their fashion.

Roman Recipes
The Roman empire was one of many cultures and spanned a long period of time. A lot is preserved and we know quite well what they ate. They were great agriculturists and traders. On the menu? Fried Veal, Roman Hamburgers and Grilled Tuna. See examples of some Roman Food Recipes here.

Ancient Chinese Recipes
Another culture we have lots of good records from. The fact that todays Chinese cuisine bears strong resemblance to the ancient is striking. The philosophical approach to cooking has been quite unchanged for millennia. Historic food recipes are therefor quite available. Click here to get to Ancient Chinese Food Recipes. Here you learn how to make spring rolls, fried rice and a Beggar´s chicken, all in the ancient Chinese way.

Ancient Indian Recipes
The old cuisine of India is quite different from what you have today. Numerous cultural influences and new ingredients are the main reasons. It is quite hard to imagine Indian food without tomatoes and chilies, if you want to try some of the old recipes go to Ancient Indian Food Recipes

Mayan temple

Cook like the old Mayans. Photo by Michel Marin.

Ancient Mayan Recipes
When the Spanish arrived in Central America the Mayan empire already was in state of decline. Fortunately the ethnic group is still quite intact today, to a large extent they have preserved their culture and very much so in their cuisine – you can say that they actually cook historic food recipes still today. However, some key ingredients today only arrived with the Europeans, one is the onion. Read more about Ancient Mayan Food Recipes here.

European Medieval Food
It is quite impossible to give the whole of Europe justice in one analysis since it spans a thousand years. Influences and invasions of Mongolians and Arabs, crusades and religious fanatism – this period was tumultuous and ever changing. I have collected a few English and French recipes from this period so please take it for what it is; just some examples of historic food recipes. Go here to see my European Medieval Food Recipes page

Elizabethan Recipes
This is known as the “Golden Era” in English history. The island nation was on the rise, expansion and trade was blooming. The cultural hangover after the fall of the Roman empire had finally passed. If you click here you will get to my Elizabethan Food Recipes page where you can learn how to cook mutton soup or stew a rump.

North American Colonial Recipes
When North America got colonalized the European cuisine met the native Indian, this together with a whole range of new ingredients and lack of others made it an interesting period. Maize, tomatoes and potatoes quickly became part of the daily fare. Go here to see my North American Colonial Food Recipes



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