Food Nutrition Facts

Before we start with anything I would like to talk about some food nutrition facts and what the human body need. What is a balanced healthy diet is important to understand when discussing food in different cultures.

It is common to explain this using a so called “food pyramid”, below you can see a modern version or a “new food pyramid” which also includes exercise. The healthy diet is here described by categorizing into food groups and also by recommending what to eat in each food group; eat unsaturated fats and not saturated etc. This way of approaching food has over the last decades received a lot of critique, many times by people that believe that the Western scientific approach is wrong. One thing is for sure; the food pyramid has been changed and updated several times, this due to that new theories have replaced old.

New food pyramid

New food pyramid

The scientific way to explain food nutrition facts is done by dividing food into groups.

Proteins, compounds of amino acids that are essential for us and is involved in many vital cellular processes. It is present in meat, fish and many vegetables.
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Carbohydrates are particularly common in starch foods like potatoes and rice, their primary function is to store energy.
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Fats serve a variety of functions in the human body, they help to absorb vitamins and they are a energy reserve to name two.
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Vitamins come in a wide variety, the definition is that they are necessary complements to our diet since our metabolism fail to produce them. Very common in fruits and vegetables.
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Dietary minerals are basically all those chemical elements we need except carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen.
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All these elements are required for a balanced diet. In order to “eat right” you have to include all these in right proportions in your food.
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