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The family recipe is a great cultural treasure, it can give us invaluable information to our past and also function as a window to another culture. For this reason this is the most important page on this site. It is through your submissions that this site can grow, hopefully, into a great archive of family recipes from around the world.

More than just a place to find great international recipes this is a way to archive information about our past and present. How many recipes are not lost everyday with the passing of our grandmothers? Together with the many stories that come with them they can be a valuable source of information for now and for the future.

Just fill in the form below to make a submission. I will then review and analyze it from a food historical/cultural perspective. It will the be published on a page which corresponds to the geographical region of the recipe. When I do this you will be notified.

Along with the actual recipe I want to know as much as possible. Has it been long in the family? Who is the creator? Where is your family from? When do you eat it? Maybe take the time to ask a relative to find out more? The recipe can be simple like hot dogs on a Sunday in front of the TV, as long as it has a story with your family to go with it it is ok. To get an idea check out this page with a family recipe from Brazil

Before publishing I will reshape the recipe into the format of this site.

Do you have a picture or two to go with the submission? Just attach it and send it to hakan.almerfors|at| Title it with the recipe so I know where it belongs.

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