A Cultural Project

The site Our Food Recipes started as an idea I have had for quite some time. I wanted to create a site that answered questions like: 'Why do
we eat what we eat?' and 'What are the origins of our food recipes?'

To begin with I have tried to create a timeline starting from pre history until today. From the first loaf of bread until Hellman's mayonaisse. This also includes basics like what our body need and how fruit, vegetables and livestock have travelled.

Why is it 'our food recipes' then? It is because I want your, my visitors, family's special recipe. It can be grandma's pancakes or uncle Satoshi's fish pastries. I will then study them and put them on a timeline together with an analysis. Another objective in this is also to prevent these important links to our past from getting lost.

This fantastic multitude is the result of thousands of years of trade and cultivation.
Photo by bnbn.

On our dinner tables we have food from all over the world, the multitude is staggering. My aim is to explain how customs and dishes have its foundation in factors like trade, migration, religion and inventions. I have also created a number of pages with related information to this topic.

Does it sound too ambitious? It probably is but I will give it a go anyway. My hope is that with the help of you I can create a great cultural treasure of family recipes! All you have to do is to submit your family's recipe and I will take care of the rest.

My name is Håkan and I am from Sweden, click here for my grandmothers recipe for filbunke It can serve as an example how I want the recipes to be presented on this site.